Welcome to Resurgence; a new program to help Australian Catholic Parishes engage with their communities.

Australian society has changed in the 21st Century; changes which have profound implications for the Catholic Church and its continued relevance.  We consider the Catholic Church as central to a healthy, safe and growing Australia, but we need to identify connections to life outside our parishes, developing our “reason for being” with relevance to our wider communities.

In recent years it has become evident that strains on parish life are increasing.  The expansion of outer suburban fringes in our cities, the twinning of parishes, and the depletion of clergy resources all ensure that parishes are struggling to cope with local needs and pastoral requests.

Many parishes have been unable to develop a strategic plan, have little connection into their local areas and have an outlook that seems to herald slow decline and limited growth opportunities.

That’s where we come in.  The Resurgence team supports priests and leadership teams in setting realistic local goals, with plans specific to their parish.  Develop self-sustaining growth in your parish and increase community engagement for greater local “ownership” of parish events.

The Resurgence Team is devoted to helping others help themselves.  We believe in the power of community, and that small consistent steps lead to sustainable recovery.

We invite your parish to work with the Resurgence team in renewing and revitalising our Church.

The future success of your parish lies within you.

Father James Grant

The founder of Resurgence is Fr James Grant. Father James has over thirty years experience in the field of pastoral care, and is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative priests. Born in 1957 in Adelaide, South Australia, James is a Catholic Priest who converted from the Anglican Church. Find out more…

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